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Smart Systems for Smarter Yachts

This modern technology replaces mechanical circuit breakers and fuses with digital circuit control modules or virtual switches. 

What is Digital Switching?

Digital switching systems are the modern alternative to traditional power distribution systems.

A digital switching system replaces fuses, mechanical circuit breakers, switches, and toggles with a digital distribution electronic network that communicates over a CANbus backbone.

Unlike a traditional analog system, a digital switching system allows users to monitor and control electrical operations using an intelligent interface, and all with the touch of a button.

Touch screens and other smart devices can be programmed and customized to control the digital switching system. And once installed, digital switching systems can be easily enhanced and upgraded.

E-T-A’s PowerPlex® Digital Switching System takes digital switching to the next level with a unique, highly customizable modular design and seamless third party system integration.


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Why Digital Switching on Yachts?

From efficiency to space to safety, the benefits of digital switching technology for your yacht designs are numerous. Discover them in this free whitepaper.

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