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Fully Customizable User Experience for the Modern World

PowerPlex® is a fully integrated, digital switching alternative to traditional wired power distribution and electrical systems. 

PowerPlex® Digital Switching System

Digital switching systems like PowerPlex® allow users to monitor and control the electrical operations of a yacht using an intelligent interface with the touch of a button.

PowerPlex® sets itself apart with software and hardware components that provide a unique modular digital switching solution. This modular design creates an easy-to-use, customizable, intuitive system for your company’s yachts.

With PowerPlex®, your yachts’ internal systems can be monitored from the helm, in the salon, or on-shore via a smartphone, tablet or PC. View and control everything from lights and air conditioning to pumps and motors with a personalized interface specific to your customer.

PowerPlex® provides your company with a flexible platform for creating customized electrical networks and limitless control.

Benefits of PowerPlex®

For the Boat Owner

  • Convenience: Monitor and operate your boat’s entire range of electronics from one place.
  • Ease: Power management, fault diagnostics, and alarm system and supervision are merged into one, easy-to-use system.
  • Safety: With up to 100 customizable alarms per day, PowerPlex® monitors, informs and alerts the crew of any malfunctions.
  • Support: With PowerPlex®, you get access to a worldwide network of onshore technical support, conveniently available via internet connection to provide expert help or troubleshooting wherever you are.

Benefits of PowerPlex®

For the Boat Builder

  • Functionality: The PowerPlex® system provides switching and controlling, timer functions, real load status indications, overcurrent protection and wire break protection.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to its modular design and support for third-party device integration, all components of the PowerPlex® system are individually programmable to meet any load requirement.
  • Efficiency & Savings: No more endless toggles and costly wiring installations; PowerPlex® simplifies installation, reduces cabling, and significantly increases functionality. Peer-to-peer CAN bus communication eliminates the need for direct cabling between the operating element and the load to be switched.
  • Future-proof: With painless set-up using Windows-based configuration software and freely configurable control functions, PowerPlex® can be easily enhanced and upgraded, so your customer is ready to set sail now and in the future.

PowerPlex® Modular Components

PowerPlex® sets itself apart with modular software and hardware components that provide an easy-to-use, customizable, intuitive system for any yacht. With PowerPlex®, yacht owners have control of these on-board tasks:

  • Distribution of DC 12v or 24v current to all points in the boats where these loads are installed, including lighting and heater controls, bilge pumps, water pumps, and fans
  • Data collection from all sensors and operating elements such as temperature and tank level measurement points
  • Protection against dangerous equipment overloads and short circuits by isolating faulty loads in the system and indicating its failure
  • Switching appliances ON and OFF with a single touch, based on easily programmable scenarios
  • Monitoring appliances and equipment for imperfect conditions and responding to them, such as automatically switching a water pump ON if the water tank level is too low

Check out some of the core components below. For the full list and specifications, click here.

AC & DC Power Management

Power Module

The PowerPlex® PM500 is E-T-A’s Power Module with physically isolated CAN bus interface as well as redundant protective functionality for connected DC loads. Similar to the PowerPlex® DC024, the device can control and monitor a total of twelve electrical loads. Each module has a manual override function for each 8 A and 25 A output via integral electro-mechanical mini circuit breakers. This manual override guarantees access to critical boat functions.

AC Module

The PowerPlex® AC Module is a 14-channel power distribution unit equipped with either E-T-A single pole or double pole 8345 circuit breakers with full remote operation. With the remote circuit protection device installed, all AC loads are protected for short circuit and overload conditions and are completely remote controlled through the PowerPlex® software to allow easy on/off operation. For additional protection, the AC module also has manual override functionality.

Lighting & Low Voltage Control

Mini Module

The PowerPlex® Mini Module has been designed for stationary installation. This PowerPlex® module is used for loads up to 1.5 A. Thanks to its properties it is often used for dimming LEDs or also as a pure measuring module. We recommend to install the modules in close proximity to the loads to be controlled.

Metering & Monitoring

Battery Monitor

The PowerPlex® DC Battery Monitor offers eight multi-functional inputs, which can be used for measuring current, voltage and temperature on the DC battery strings. The Battery Monitor is available with two or four temperature sensors for use on multiple battery banks. It connects directly into the PowerPlex® CANbus network through the E-T-A PowerPlex® Mini Module.


Power Meter

The PowerPlex® AC Power Meter is a highly accurate multi-functional device for taking electrical measurements in low-voltage systems up to 500VAC. It provides voltage, current, power and frequency readings for single, two and three-phase networks. The pushbuttons on the front of the device can be used to display measured values as well as configure the device. The X0649-ACPM is equipped with an RS485 communication interface (MODBUS/JBUS) for connection to a higher-level control system such as the PowerPlex® Gateway.


Multifunction Display

The PowerPlex® HMI devices allow convenient visibility and intuitive operation. Visualize status, alarm or error messages. Select your preferred HMI from various keypads, touch displays for your PowerPlex® application. The PowerPlex® Suite allows you to create your own design. Designed to meet FCC Class A, Marine standard EN60945.


The PowerPlex® Keypads has been designed for stationary installation. It runs PowerPlex® Configuration Software, which can be directly downloaded from the E-T-A website. On demand the configuration software can also be made available on a USB flash drive.

Third Party Connectivity & Compatibility


The PowerPlex® Gateway is a multiprotocol module to connect PowerPlex® systems with other networks. It allows the combination of a PowerPlex® CAN bus with various other bus systems: CAN (e.g. NMEA2000, SAE J1939), Modbus. The PowerPlex® Gateway allows transmission of I/O data between PowerPlex® products and devices on other bus systems. It automatically translates and filters incoming messages so only relevant data is transmitted or received. This ensures a consistent flow of information for controlling and monitoring the entire system.
Both buses are connected to the gateway and are galvanically isolated from each other. Configuration of the gateway is accomplished with software via the PowerPlex® CAN bus.

Web Server

The PowerPlex® Web Server provides display, monitoring and control of a PowerPlex® system via smartphone, tablet, multi-function display or computer. Up to eight devices can be integrated into a system either via LAN.

Why Digital Switching on Yachts?

From efficiency to space to safety, the benefits of digital switching technology for your yacht designs are numerous. Discover them in this free whitepaper.

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