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PowerPlex® Brochure

Leading boat builders and yacht manufacturers choose PowerPlex®. Read about what sets PowerPlex® apart, and how its unique modular design provides your company with a flexible platform for creating customized electrical networks and limitless control.


PowerPlex®Components Brochure

You’ve seen how PowerPlex® can transform the yachting experience for both manufacturer and customer. Now get a look under the hood. Download this brochure for an in-depth look at the PowerPlex® modular components and the technical specifications of each.


5 Reasons Digital Switching is a Yacht Necessity


Despite today’s interactive world of smart phones, homes, and cars, many yachts still provide a user experience and foundation that’s limited by outdated analog systems. With digital switching systems, yacht manufacturers can now create a personalized, interactive experience for their customers. Download this whitepaper to learn the big reasons you should make the shift to digital switching on your next yacht model.


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