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Set Course for a Better Yachting Experience With PowerPlex® Digital Switching Technology

A unique, customizable digital switching system.
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What is PowerPlex®? 

The PowerPlex® Digital Switching System is a fully integrated alternative to traditional onboard power distribution and electrical systems.  

Its innovative modular design and third-party integration capabilities make it uniquely flexible compared to other marine digital switching systems, and allows you to create a customized solution for each individual yacht 

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Connectivity, Control, Convenience.

Integration of third-party systems is crucial when building a smart boat. E-T-A has partnered with elite marine electronics companies to create a seamless user experience. With PowerPlex®, your yachts’ internal systems can be monitored from the helm, in the salon, or on-shore via a smartphone, tablet or PC, all with the touch of a button.

PowerPlex® offers world-class system flexibility, adaptability, connectivity, and support, keeping the Captain and crew in complete command of their vessel on-and offboard.

Native Integration Partners

Build Smarter Boats with PowerPlex®

Mini Module





Multifunctional Display

Power Module


Web Server


AC Module


Battery Monitor





Termination Resistor (N2K)

Termination Resistor (PP)

Why Digital Switching on Yachts?

From efficiency to space to safety, the benefits of digital switching technology for your yacht designs are numerous. Discover them in this free whitepaper.

Flexibility You Need. Customization They Want.

PowerPlex®’s unique modular design provides the flexibility you need to create a customized solution for each individual yacht, making it easy to give customers the same smart-tech experience on the sea they already know from home.

Flexibility in Focus

We are engineers first. We meticulously designed PowerPlex® to be component-friendly and to smoothly operate with best-in-breed third-party integrations.

  • Built to your boat’s specifications, including individual control & automation requirements
  • Simplifies electrical installation and reduces cabling, significantly freeing mounting room on the boat frame
  • All technical communication through SAE J1939-Compliant CAN Bus

Fun + Functionality

Your boaters rely on smart technology in nearly every aspect of their personal and professional lives. With PowerPlex®, we bring that level of freedom and fun to their adventures at sea.

  • Integration of any Windows-based Touch PCs
  • Individual designs of your graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Intuitive interface — no programming skills required
  • Increased functionality

Let Us Answer Before You Ask

We’ve complied the most common questions that we receive from our prospective partners and customers. If you don’t see your question listed, please contact us directly.

What are the smallest and largest boats you can facilitate?

The PowerPlex® system is fully scalable. It can be as compact or complex as the vessel requires. This makes it as easy to implement automation on a small motorboat as it is on a million dollar luxury yacht. The possibilities are endless.

Is PowerPlex training provided for boat manufacturers?

Yes, E-T-A provides boat manufacturers with internal and external training on installing and operating the PowerPlex® system.

My customers’ boats all serve different purposes and lifestyles. Can PowerPlex® be configured differently on each vessel?

Yes! Because the system is built on a digital network, the GUI can be designed and customized to the specific customer or model line.

What if I need assistance after installation is complete?

E-T-A is proud to offer support to our customers convenient land-based support. E-T-A, can remotely view, isolate, and diagnose PowerPlex® system errors, even for the most customer-specific issues.

I still have questions!
No problem. Just reach out with our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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